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I was like a newbie when I was planning to put my business online so that I can make up with my startup, but as most of the startups, I was too running out of budget and most of the IT companies rejected my budget. But later I come up with an in touch with Daani and they came up with the best budget option that I was looking out for. The value for the money and thanks to them my business is now online and running great, Thanks for the support and ill recommend you guys forward as well.

- Tracey

1 Click management system

Consider me as lazy but I really hate my previous software provider as their software was really headache to manage so I later switched to Daani where they offer me the best in class business management with a single click system, I really thankful to them and now business is really hassle free to manage.

- Shon.

Committed to providing comprehensive service

Having just software under your budget can be useful but it is really necessary to have the after sales service as well, this is my personal experience and I’m really thankful that I hired Daani for my software support. Highly recommend company especially when you are looking out for a after sales service.

- Ron.

On time delivery

It is so much important that you get your project online just in time as so that you can market your business as per your plan, I really glad that I opt to go with the Daani as they deliver what they had promised me like under budget and on time delivery, Highly recommend service.

- Wiliam.

Experience does count

It is always good to bet with lions rather than going for the sheep’s this what I did when I hire Daani for a software support service to manage my business and they come up with as what they had mention on their website, really professional , full after sales support and on time delivery, what else one can ask for.

- Daniel .

Innovated technology for professionals of tomorrow

I was so much worried about the software technology for my online business management module so I hired these guys about they came up with all the queries that was actually on my mind, they assured me that they will use the latest and most secure technology for my project and the live up with their promise, 100% value for money.

- Regine G.

From startup to leading entrepreneurs

I was like in a earlier stage of my business and I hired these guys and frankly speaking I was not sure about my decision about that time but “thank god” I now proud of that decision as they really helped me on what I really needed under my budget and it’s been like years now I’m still working with them. A 100% job done and satisfaction.

- Addie X.

Freedom of project and package customization

They were really helpful with their package and my project needs as I really don’t needed a fixed packages like most of the software development force to do so, but these guys not only customize the packages as per my need but developed just the right kind of software for me as well. A big Thanks to them and I hope for a better business relation for us too.

- Ilka S.

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