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Four Star Package for software like MLM, Affiliate, Direct selling

  • 3rd Party API (2)
  • Bulk SMS
  • Third Party Chat Plugin Integration
  • Max. Comm./Income calculation (8)
  • Multicurrency (2)
  • Multilingual (2)
  • Voucher/coupon Management


  • Home Page (logo, flash header, short description, achiever list, news)
  • Login (separate panel for members)
  • About Us (about company with one image)
  • Business Plan (business plan with animation)
  • Products (tabular detail with image, price, product name)
  • Legal (company registration form, PAN card, other legal documents)
  • Photo Gallery (achiever photos/event photos)
  • Terms and Conditions (terms and conditions for members)
  • Customer support (panel for support shootout)
  • Contact us (company address with phone, mobile and email address)
  • Web Pages (18)
  • Website Template Choose From (8)
  • Multilingual (2)

Distributor Back Office

  • Dashboard
  • User Home Page (status of user)
  • Account details (member profile)
  • Bank modification (change bank a/c details)
  • Transaction password (change Transaction password)
  • Leg Status (leg status/direct member legs)
  • Direct joining (list of direct members)
  • Search member (search member in downline)
  • Current Payout (current tentative payout before closing)
  • Statement (printable payout statement)
  • E-Pin Request (request for purchasing E-Pin )
  • E-Wallet (purchase E-Pin from member's balance)
  • Logout (logout from current member)
  • Welcome Letter (formatted welcome letter)
  • Modify details (change basic details)
  • Change password (change login password)
  • Forced Tree
  • Binary Tree (show tree structure)
  • Genealogy Tree (direct to direct tree structure)
  • Downline (tabular list of member downlines)
  • Active Members (list of members who introduced members)
  • Closing Payout (payout credited in member account after closing)
  • TDS Report (TDS deduction list as per govt. rules)
  • Request status (pending/approved E-Pin request list)
  • Check E-Pin (check status of E-Pin )
  • E-Wallet status (balance status of E-Wallet)

Join Now/Signup

  • Email Verification
  • Option for join now as Unpaid
  • Option for join now via Serial number and E-Pin
  • SMS Integration on joining
  • Email integration (welcome email to new member's email)

E-Wallet Controlling (Functions related to E-Wallet)

  • Withdrawal Request
  • Balance transfer to downline
  • Balance transfer to Self Other Account
  • E-Pin Purchasing through E-Wallet
  • Product Purchasing through E-Wallet
  • New Signup through E-Wallet
  • E-Wallet Statement

Admin Back Office

  • Member profile (edit member profile)
  • Password setting (change member's passwords)
  • Joining status (day wise joining count)
  • Report export (excel, word, pdf, csv)
  • Payout Closing (daily/weekly/monthly as per your plan)
  • Issue Cheque (cheque no to specify payout)
  • Payout Statement (closing wise statement)
  • TDS Report (TDS deduction of member)
  • ID wise payout Status (Payment status of Member Id )
  • Downline List (member ID's downline)
  • Member Upline (find upline list of any member )
  • Genealogy (Genealogy tree of member id )
  • E-Wallet Status (*balance status)
  • Search Members (find member)
  • Check member status (achievement, joining, downline)
  • Promotion List (promotion wise member list)
  • Joining Report (day wise, city wise, downline wise)
  • Show Closing (date wise payout closing list)
  • NEFT System (mark payout as net banking)
  • PAN NO Report (member list with/without PAN Card)
  • Direct members (list of member's via sponsor id)
  • Binary Tree (Binary tree with mouse over detail )
  • Promotion List (Promotion list )
  • Level wise Report (Level1, level2,..)
  • E-Pin Request (change status of request)
  • Software Feature On/Off
  • Achiever List (CMS)
  • Rewards Achiever
  • Rewards
  • Rewards Delivered
  • Active/De-active Member (Block Member)
  • Downline
  • Genealogy – Tree View
  • Direct Tree
  • Binary Tree
  • Forced Tree
  • Phone Number List
  • Email List
  • Cheque wise Member List
  • Member wise Payment Status
  • Payout Detail – Company Status

E-Pin Generator

  • Generate E-Pin (product wise E-Pin generation)
  • Show E-Pin (list of all E-Pin product wise)
  • E-Pin status (available/used/block)
  • E-Pin summary (date wise/product wise E-Pin summary)
  • E-Pin issue (issue E-Pin to members)
  • Blocking E-Pin (block unused E-Pin )
  • Find E-Pin (find by serial no./E-Pin code)
  • Transferred E-Pin History

SMS Panel

  • Joining SMS (SMS on joining: purchase Web SMS Package Additional)
  • Date wise SMS (joining date filter SMS)
  • ID wise SMS (ID filter SMS)
  • Payout SMS (send SMS on every payout)
  • Promotional SMS (SMS on achievement)
  • Transactional SMS
  • Occasional SMS
  • Customized SMS
  • Integration as per requirement

Support Centre

  • Internal Message
  • Internal News
  • Support Ticket
  • Complaint Status
  • Message List From Members
  • Generate Support Tickets
  • Check Ticket Status


  • Email (15)
  • Hosting (yes)

Report Backup

  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to CSV

Franchise Management

  • Make Franchise
  • Issue Franchise
  • Edit/Update/Delete Franchise
  • Franchise Detail
  • Franchise Stock Status
  • Franchise business summary
  • Franchise to Other franchise Transaction
  • All Tracking Reports as per need

Printing Module

  • Issue Cheque
  • Print Cheque
  • Manual Cheque Print
  • Re-issue Cheque
  • Receipt Printing
  • Welcome Letter Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Id Card Printing
  • Statement Print


  • Dynamic Product Catalogue
  • Dynamic Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Shopping cart
  • Invoice Management

Product Management

  • Unlimited Category Management
  • Manage Product Category wise
  • Add Product
  • Edit/Update/Block Product
  • Product Master
  • Product Details
  • Sales Reports
  • Print Invoices

Content Management (CMS)

  • New Products
  • Downloads
  • Photos
  • Latest News/Updates
  • Seminars/Training Schedule
  • New Rewards
  • Reward/Royalty Achievers
  • Content Update
  • Banner Update

Re-Purchase/Autoship Management

  • Business Volume Setting
  • Total PV/BV (Business Volume)
  • Autoship Status
  • Accumulative BV Report
  • Autoship Payout
  • Autoship Item Master
  • Autoship Status of Direct Downline
  • Customized autoship Reports as per need
  • Autoship On/Off
  • Manual Execution

 Replicated Site

  • Can Change Layout
  • Can Change Video
  • Can Change Images
  • Can Update contact
  • Can Change Site Name
  • Can Change social Media
  • Can track Hits
  • Can track Business
  • Can Track signup
  • Real Time Creation
  • Unlimited Replicated site
  • CMS

Customer Back Office

  • Dash Board
  • Purchase History
  • Autoship On/Off
  • Autoship status
  • Customize Autoship Report

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration (2)

Possible to add more Features/ Need/ Customization according to client requirement

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